How an Estate Administration Attorney in Chicago IL Can Help When a Family Member Dies

by | Jan 15, 2015 | Attorney

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If you have just lost a loved one, you will probably find settling their estate to be quite challenging. This is especially true because you will be grieving. However, administration of the deceased’s estate becomes extremely easy if you are well aware of the prevailing state laws. Administering the estate often involves securing their properties, paying any due taxes and debts and distribution of the estate’s assets to those individuals who are duly entitled to acquire them. The process of administration of the deceased’s estate becomes even easier when you engage the services of a qualified Estate Administration Attorney in Chicago IL. Such an attorney will assist you with:

     *     Determining who is the trustee or the executor of the will:

     *     If it is not apparent who the appointed executor or trustee of the will is, you will want to consult an attorney.

     *     Setting up temporary care for the deceased’s dependents: this is especially advisable if there are minors or aged individuals involved. With the help of an attorney, you can easily make arrangements to take care of such dependents. Such temporary care is given by day cares or hospices, and pet cares until you find a long-term solution for the dependents.

     *     Getting certified copies of the death certificate:

     *     This is an essential requirement in the process of administration. You should seek to obtain several certified copies of the same. Your attorney will help you with this, as well as with locating and interpretation of the deceased’s trust, final will and testament.

     *     Payment of bills: You will soon discover that bills keep arriving even after the death of your loved one, for the expenditures incurred during their lifetime. Such bills include insurance premiums, credit card settlements, medical bills, utility bills, cell phone bills, tax bills and invoices from the mortgager among others.

Having dealt with such issues before, a seasoned administration attorney will guide you the process of paying bills efficiently, by determining which bills are legitimate and advising you on whether to accept or reject creditor’s claims.

Losing a loved one is stressful enough without having to deal with administering their estate. You can however save yourself the agony and save time by hiring a knowledgeable Estate Administration Attorney in Chicago IL. Contact the law offices of David Blocher to access professional and compassionate services. Visit Website for details.

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