How Criminal Defendants Get Bail Bonds In Midwest City, Oklahoma

by | May 31, 2017 | Bail Bonds

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In Oklahoma, criminal defendants must undergo the arraignment process in most cases before they are released from the county lockup. During the procedure, they are formally charged with a crime. It is at this point that they are aware if they are allowed to post bail or not. The following information defines the process these criminal defendants undergo to get bail bonds in Midwest City Oklahoma.

Acquiring the Right Information

First, the criminal defendant will need to provide detailed information to their representative or their bondsman. They need the defendant’s entire name, birthdate, booking number, and the exact crime for which they were charged. The bondsman can in some cases negotiate bail with the judge to make the bond more affordable for the defendant. The circumstances of the case may play a role in this assignment. For example, if the defendant has a previous record for the same crime, the bail value may be considerably higher.

What Types of Payments are Available for the Bond?

Typically, the bond is available through cash, credit, check, or through some form of collateral. The defendant or their representative must pay a percent of this bond value. Typically, they are required to provide at least 10 percent of the bail value. However, in some areas, the percentage can reach up to 14%.

How They Acquire Bond and Release from Jail

Once the percentage is paid to the bail bondsman, they take the paperwork to the court with the necessary information. The court provides them with release documents. The bail bondsman takes these documents to the jail and coordinates the defendant’s release.

What are the Provisions of Their Release?

The provisions of the release state the criminal defendant must appearance in court on their scheduled date. If they do not, the judge issues a bench warrant for their arrest. The bail is revoked, and the defendant is arrested on sight.

In Oklahoma, criminal defendants can utilize bail bonds instead of paying the full bail value. These bonds provide them with a fast release from the county jail. Defendants who need to acquire Bail Bonds in Midwest City Oklahoma can contact us for more information today.

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