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Is a Paternity Test Warranted? 3 Ways You Can Know

There are many situations and circumstances where paternity tests are great options. However, if you want to know for sure about the paternity of your child, or even your own paternity, but you keep wondering, Is a paternity test warranted? know that your own peace of mind is generally the much better option. Here are a few times you can know if a paternity test is necessary.

If There is Uncertainty

First of all, the main reason to call for a paternity test is due to uncertainty. If you are the mother, and there were multiple sexual relations taking place at the time of the baby’s conception a paternity test may be warranted for legality. As the father, if you are also unsure if the baby is yours or not, then you will want to file for a paternity test. Any uncertainty about the child’s biological standing should be put to ease with a paternity test.

To Prove a Point

Sometimes, when it comes to divorce or other issues with concern for child paternity, one parent will try to get custody of the child by claiming false paternity on the father. Many men will immediately be discouraged and will not call for a paternity test to confirm the issue. If this case happens, always choose the route of a paternity test, because more than likely, the mother is bluffing to get full custody of the child.

If You are the Child in Question

Finally, you should get a paternity test if you are a child who is in question of paternity. If you are unsure about your parentage or have reason to believe that your parents are not your biological parents, you should call for a paternity test. This can put to rest any unease.

The next time you are wondering, Is a paternity test warranted? consider these reasons and get one done. Although there are some guidelines for having a paternity test done, your peace of mind and assurance is the most important. Paternity tests are safest when performed after the birth of the child. If you are uncertain about your child’s paternity or your own paternity, be sure to contact a lawyer in your area today.

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