Learn What to Do About an Eminent Domain Request for Your Texas Land

by | Jun 28, 2024 | Lawyers and Law Firms

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Owning land is a legacy and a source of revenue for many Texans. What if someone wanted to take that land from you?

If you or your family owns land, there is a chance that eminent domain could be claimed on it. It can be a distressing idea, especially if you’ve already received word that the government or a private company wants to use your land.

Through the Constitution, the government and certain private corporations have a right to seize private land. This is most often for purposes such as building schools, parks, and public utilities. Yet, as a landowner, you have specific rights when this happens.

If you find yourself in this situation, there are steps you and an eminent domain law firm in Texas can follow. Eminent domain lawyers make sure the process is fair for everyone involved.

1. Notification of Intentions

Eminent domain is not as simple as taking your land. The first step in the process requires official notification that comes with enough time for you to challenge the action. You must also be notified of all court hearings and contested issues of the eminent domain case.

2. Just Compensation

The seizing entity must offer a fair price for your property. You have a right to negotiate this price. You are not required to accept an offer that does not compensate you for the loss of your land. An eminent domain law firm in Texas can help you negotiate a better price. Factors to consider include the intended use of the land and the property’s total value.

3. Reason for Taking Your Land

After you receive the notification and the first offer, you have the right to know what the reason is. There is a short window in which you can challenge this reason or motion to dismiss. Your land is protected from unfair use, and deadlines will be easier to meet for challenging the eminent domain claim with the help of an experienced Texas lawyer.

Let Our Texas Lawyer Fight for You

If you have had an eminent domain offer, it’s time to contact an eminent domain law firm in Texas. Gattis Law Firm, PC knows about landowner rights and how to get the best compensation possible. Call us today to start protecting your legacy.

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