Paying For Your Social Security Attorney

by | Feb 13, 2021 | Attorney

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The majority of people facing an uncertain future due to a disability that stops them from earning a living will not be in a position to factor legal fees into their budget. If you are in this situation where you know you need the services of a Social Security Attorney in Rockford but you can’t afford it, don’t worry.

Social Security attorneys are mandated by law to take cases based on contingency. Contingency simply means that if you win your case and are granted benefits, your lawyer gets paid; if the lawyer fails to get you benefits there are no fees to be paid. To top it all off, your attorney will not charge any fees upfront either other than for minor incidentals like stamps or photo copies.

How does this work?

When the attorney has reviewed your case and agreed to represent you, the attorney and you will enter into an agreement that is in accordance with Social Security mandates. Once the administration has approved the fee arrangement, it will be paid directly by SSA to your attorney out of your past due benefits.

The fee is mandated at 25 percent of the back pay you receive but no more than $6,000. For example, if the back pay award is $15,000, the attorney is paid $3,750 and the balance goes to you. If the award is $30,000, the attorney gets $6,000, not $9,000 which is 25 percent.

A Social Security attorney in Rockford will not ask for a retainer or any other up-front fees they will charge any out of pocket expenses they make on your behalf. In the greatest majority of cases the attorney will not expect you to pay these incidental expenses as they happen, he or she will bill you at the culmination of your case.

If you are faced with applying for disability benefits you are well advised to hire a Social Security attorney in Rockford to help and guide you. Please visit The Law Offices of Jeffrey A. Rabin & Associates, Ltd. for detailed information.

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