Reasons to Work With a Worker’s Compensation Lawyer in Chicago

by | Feb 15, 2024 | Lawyers and Law Firms

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If someone you love gets injured while on the job in Chicago, they should be able to get compensation for medical bills and lost wages. If the accident resulted in permanent disability, they should be able to get long-term compensation. However, insurance companies and employers will often fight and avoid accepting worker’s compensation claims. In these cases, you may need a workers’ compensation lawyer in Chicago, IL.

A person who’s a victim of a workplace injury in Chicago deserves compensation for disability, loss of wages, and medical bills. Unfortunately, there are times when insurance carriers operate in bad faith, denying claims even when they know that the claim should not be denied. A claim denial is a great reason to work with a workers’ compensation lawyer in Chicago, IL. An attorney can help you even if you do not receive sufficient compensation to cover your expenses.

Part of what they do is fully investigate the injury and gather evidence to clarify what happened. These findings are then presented to the employer and the insurance company. Attorneys work with clients to ensure that they are evaluated by medical professionals who are trustworthy and who can document any injuries they see during the patient’s examination. Attorneys handle all negotiations with the employer and the insurance carrier.

If the claim is denied, attorneys know the process in place for appeals, and they can handle every aspect of the claim appeal.

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