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The Options Available Through An Appeal Attorney

For those involved in civil or criminal cases, going to trial is always a stressful and challenging time. In situations where the individual is found guilty of a crime, or there is a verdict against an individual in a civil case, an appeal attorney can help. Working with appellate lawyers allows you to understand the appeals process and what is involved.

There are specialized law firms providing appellate legal services. A top national firm offering this type of representation is Halscott Megaro. Working for clients in both civil and criminal appellate cases, they are recognized for their ability to provide the specialized and exacting legal services required in the appellate court system.

What is an Appeal?

After a conviction or a verdict against an individual, group or entity in a criminal or civil court, an appeal may be possible through an appeal attorney. An appeal is used to request a court with higher standing to review the decision of a lower court. This is done on the basis of a legal argument by appellate lawyers.

It is provided in the form of a written argument provided to the court, as well as an oral argument. These arguments are detailed and precise, and state past court decisions that have relevance to the current case and the errors or mistakes made in the initial decision.

In criminal appeals, there are different options to consider when appealing a conviction. Mistakes at trial including sentencing errors, search warrant issues, or errors made by the judge, jury, prosecutor, or by a defense attorney are all possible grounds for appeal.

Civil cases can also be appealed. Appellate mediation offers a lower cost, less stressful and more expedient way to resolve issues that taking the case through to the appellate court. It is usually beneficial to all parties in the dispute, saving the cost and the time of preparing for the appellate court process.
For more information on the appellate mediation benefits, talk to the attorneys at Halscott Megaro.

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