Things to Consider When Choosing an Avondale Pedestrian Accident Attorney

by | Feb 7, 2024 | Legal Services

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Some of the worst accidents you can imagine involve pedestrians. As a skilled pedestrian injury accident attorney in Avondale, AZ can attest, pedestrians are completely unprotected and exposed as they are crossing the street or walking on the sidewalk. As a result, they can sustain severe injuries when they are hit by a vehicle.

Anyone involved in a pedestrian accident may want to discuss their case with a pedestrian injury accident attorney in Avondale, AZ. Not all personal injury attorneys are the same. You want to find one who has experience in handling pedestrian accidents. This is because personal injury attorneys can deal with many accidents. However, someone focusing on pedestrian incidents will understand the specific laws related to those injuries.

Discuss success rates. How many cases have they won, settled, and lost regarding pedestrians? When thinking about the cases they won, find out what the award amount was. This will give you some key insights and help to set expectations for what might happen during your case. An attorney who has a strong track record will be able to provide you with good insight into your case and set a good tone for how much you should expect as an award.

You want to choose someone who you can get along with. It’s okay for your attorney to be a bulldog in court, but you want to have chemistry with that person. They will be part of your life for months. Take the time to find someone you can talk to and feel comfortable with as you go through the litigation process.

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