Turning to a Bail Bonding Company in Milford, CT After a Loved One’s Arrest

by | May 23, 2019 | Bail Bonds

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When a person has been arrested and bail has been set, the family starts scrambling to get the money. In many cases, that amount is far too high for them to acquire, even if they were to pawn their best jewelry and get a title loan on the car. They do have a more affordable option, which is to apply for a surety bond from a bail bonding company in Milford, CT.

Alarming Statistics

Many U.S. residents call for more toughness on crime, but bail reform advocates encourage the courts to be more reasonable about offenders who have been charged with nonviolent offenses and have not yet been convicted. Statistics show that about 80 percent of jail inmates are being held before trial. Some of them are not allowed release on bail because they have been charged with a serious felony like murder or they are considered a significant flight risk.

About Bail Bond Agencies

Each bail bonding company in Milford, CT is licensed by the state and has a standing arrangement with the courts. The agencies post surety bonds that function as a guarantee that the defendant will appear at hearings and at trial as required.

If the defendant does not show up, the bond will pay the full amount of the cash bail to the court. Since the agents do not want to be liable for bail, they do what it takes to track down this missing person and bring the person back. The court also issues another arrest warrant in this situation, and the defendant loses the chance to be free on bail or bond again.

Getting Assistance with Bail

Friends and family members of someone being held behind bars before trial are justifiably anxious about the defendant’s well-being. In worst-case scenarios, people have died in jail because of a serious health problem and negligence by the jail staff. Some have committed suicide. They weren’t even convicted of a crime, but couldn’t regain their freedom because of the inability to afford bail. Defendants can receive assistance from an agency such as Business Name. so they can be released and carry on with their responsibilities.

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