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What You Need to Know About Utilizing the False Claims Act in Chicago, IL

The False Claims Act (FFA) is an important law that helps protect the U.S. government from fraud. By safeguarding the financial integrity of the government, the FFA also protects every American taxpayer. The FFA provides a safe way for whistleblowers to provide information about private companies that are falsely appropriating public money. The public is well-served by the type of False Claims Act attorney Chicago residents can access today.

Key Facts About How the FFA Works

The FFA is commonly used to fight against Medicare fraud, Medicaid fraud and defense contractor fraud. To encourage people to come forward, the FFA allows for whistleblowers to receive monetary rewards for their selfless actions. If you are willing to patriotically take advantage of the FFA, you will want to hire an excellent attorney to help guide you through this fraught process. With an experienced legal professional by your side, you can almost certainly breathe easier as you become a whistleblower.

There is no question that virtually every whistleblower experiences anxiety when planning to cross their employers. After all, most working adults are conditioned to build up goodwill at their workplaces. For encouragement and support, you can rely on an experienced False Claims Act attorney in Chicago.

The Importance of Prompt Filing

The FFA outlines the all-important “first to file” rule. Under this rule, the first whistleblower to file a report receives the full amount of the government reward. Because of this rule, prospective whistleblowers should secure legal representation sooner rather than later. Besides making you eligible for an appreciable reward, reporting fraud is simply the right thing to do. You may well sleep better at night if you take the plunge and report fraud against the public.

For more information about taking advantage of the FFA, connect with Zimmerman Law Offices in Chicago, IL.

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