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3 Tips to Help Your Criminal Attorney in Wichita, KS Defend You Against Domestic Violence Charges

Domestic violence charges usually result from a physical altercation between two people in a relationship. However, they can also involve violence between parents and children or other family members.

If you have been charged with domestic violence, hire a Criminal Attorney in Wichita KS, to defend you against the charges. You can help him or her resolve your case favorably by following these three tips.

1. Obey any no-contact or restraining orders.

A no-contact, or restraining, order requires you to maintain a certain distance from the subject of the order (usually the person against whom you are accused of being violent). Never violate this order because it could jeopardize your original case and land you in more trouble.

These orders often include other restrictions besides physical contact, such as prohibiting you from:

1. Calling the other person on the phone
2. Texting or e-mailing that person
3. Visiting his or her residence or workplace

Ask your Criminal Attorney in Wichita KS, to explain any aspect of the no-contact order that you find confusing. You can’t violate it purposefully or by accident, so make sure you know the rules.

2. Tell your attorney about any witnesses to the event.

If a third party witnessed the altercation between you and the other person, tell your attorney immediately. He or she can contact the witness or help you hire an investigator to handle it.

A neutral third party often carries more weight in court because his or her testimony is not tainted by an interest in the case. In other words, that person doesn’t have anything to be lost or gained by providing testimony about the event.

3. Provide any relevant medical records.

If you were treated for injuries sustained during the altercation in question, provide your attorney with access to your medical records. This could include physicians’ statements, X-ray films, and photographs of your injuries.

This can help your attorney prove that the other person was the aggressor. While medical records aren’t definitive proof, they help establish a basis for your defense, especially if you have older records indicating a history of abuse at the hands of the other person.

When you are charged with domestic violence, contact Rocky Wiechman Law to discuss your options. The faster you obtain legal representation, the easier it will be to resolve your case.




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