A Few Of The Most Common Immigration Problems

by | Sep 7, 2015 | Law

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Chicago immigration lawyers are faced with many unique problems faced by their clients. Immigration from one country to another can be very complicated, even those who are following all the rules to the letter can find themselves caught up in a virtual mine field of complex issues. Understanding the more common problems associated with immigration can often help people avoid problems, progressing the process smoothly and with a minimum of problems.

Many problems associated with immigration stem from visa restrictions. Temporary visas are very explicit and are surrounded by strict rules regarding the length of stay in the country and the activities that are permitted while in the US. If a visitor is in the country on a three month visa and during that time is offered extremely interesting and lucrative employment he or she will not be able to accept the offer as the visa does not allow working. It may be possible for Chicago immigration lawyers to arrange to have the potential employer sponsor the immigrant which will extend or alter the terms.

The world which we live in continues to get smaller and smaller every day, as a result many marriages between people of different nationalities are becoming commonplace. A problem that many couples such as this find themselves in is being accused of marriage fraud. It is illegal for two people to enter into marriage for the sole intent of gaining US citizenship. In most cases the couple will have to be interviewed by immigration authorities who will want to be given clear and undisputable proof of their relationship. When this has been done to the satisfaction of the immigration officials only then will the non-resident spouse be given a permanent visa which can eventually lead to citizenship.

International couple can have problems prior to marriage; they can also have problems if they are dual citizens and have children in one country. If the husband, wife and children decide to move from the US to the home country of the spouse the children may be faced with problems as their status in the foreign country may be in doubt.

Those who will have the most trouble with immigration are those that have been convicted of a crime, those that entered the country illegally or those that have at one time been deported for immigration issues. Chicago immigration lawyers need to be involved in all the different situations that can and do arise.

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