A Motorcycle Accident Attorney in Live Oak, FL Helps Clients in This No-Fault State

by | Nov 5, 2019 | Accident Attorney

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Florida is a no-fault state in regard to automotive insurance. After a collision, each person’s own insurance coverage pays for property damage and other expenses up to the maximum of the policy. The situation is more complicated for a motorcyclist who is injured by another driver. A motorcycle accident attorney in Live Oak, FL may be necessary to make sure an injured motorcyclist receives fair financial compensation.

Reasons for Claim Disputes

It would seem like a straightforward system: the insurance company’s customer receives payment from their own policy. There is no need to prove fault. However, an insurer may still dispute a claim if the motorcyclist was acting recklessly or carelessly or was not taking advisable precautions. A motorcyclist who weaves in and out of traffic at high speed is definitely behaving recklessly.

About 14% of Florida motorcyclists surveyed say they don’t bother wearing a helmet. Many don’t wear gloves or boots while riding. They might even wear shorts and a t-shirt while cruising along the highway. If they get into an accident, there is no protection between their skin and the pavement. Skin injuries can be severe and require skin grafting. The person might not be able to return to work for months.

Filing Third-Party Claims and Lawsuits

A motorcycle accident attorney in Live Oak, FL can help injured motorcyclists obtain compensation to cover the expenses. This might require filing a lawsuit against the other driver if that person was responsible for the incident. In most instances, that is the case. Another possibility might be filing a third-party claim against the driver’s automotive insurance.

Concluding Thoughts

Some people view motorcycles as inherently dangerous and their riders as more likely to be at fault. However, the truth is that drivers of passenger cars are more likely to not see the motorcycle approaching as they start making a left turn or pulling onto the highway. Nevertheless, insurers look for reasons why the motorcyclist is at least partially at fault and may either refuse to pay or lower the amount they would otherwise pay. Anyone who needs legal help in these matters can visit the website: Northfloridaautoaccidentlawyer.com.

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