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A Personal Injury Attorney in Charles County, MD Advises Clients on Pertinent Information

In the world of lawsuits, personal injury stands out as one of the most widely filed suits. Every day, someone sustains a personal injury through no fault of his or her own. It might be a medical malpractice suit. It could be a suit filed as a result of a slip or fall. It could be damage received through a defective product. It occurs a lot of times with those involved in automobile accidents. In most all of the cases, the injured party needs to seek advice from a legal standpoint. Seeing a personal injury attorney in Charles County MD who advises clients on what they are facing is a good first step.

One of the first things a client should know about filing a lawsuit for a personal injury case is the length of time he or she has to file the suit. In Maryland, that period is three years from the date of the incident. However, if the personal injury action is against a government entity, the client has one year to file a formal injury claim against the government agency and three years to file a lawsuit.

Another thing to remember is that Maryland applies a shared fault rule, which is called contributory negligence. This is a strict rule stating if the injured party is found to be any part at fault for his or her injury, no damages can be collected from the other party. This is something the client wants to very clear about, as the insurance company will do everything to try to prove some fault on the part of the injured party. Thus, it is important to seek the professional advice of an attorney.

Business Name have been providing legal solutions for clients in the Southern Maryland area for over 25 years. In addition to offering help for personal injury cases, the law offices also practice divorce law, family law, and workers’ compensation law. The needs of clients are met for issues with family, financial matters surrounding workers’ compensation, and help after automobile or truck accidents. If you need a personal injury attorney in Charles County MD, visit their website at website url or simply click here.

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