A Personal Injury Law Firm in Tacoma WA Helps Families When a Child Has Developed Post-Traumatic Stress

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A Personal Injury Law Firm in Tacoma WA is helpful when someone has been in a vehicle accident caused by another driver. Some cases are relatively straightforward in a monetary sense and the insurer is ready to pay for all medical expenses, damage to property, lost wages and other expenses related to the accident. Not all problems related to an accident are tangible, however. What about a child who develops negative personality changes and behavioral issues after a serious car accident? The lawyer may find it reasonable to demand financial compensation for psychological counseling and other services for this young person.

Before the parents can expect to receive compensation, they’ll need to have their child evaluated by a qualified professional, such as a child psychologist, a psychiatrist, or a social worker with extensive experience in providing mental health counseling for children. This individual will document indications that the youngster is dealing with post-traumatic stress or other emotional troubles directly related to the accident. The child may begin to open up and talk about his or her fears. There may be fears about riding in cars now, for example. Nightmares may disrupt sleep. There may be flashbacks of the accident or, in contrast, a complete inability to remember anything about it. The extreme anxiety that can develop after a serious accident is nearly impossible for a child to understand or control. It seems as though the world is no longer a safe place and that a horrible event can happen at any time.

After the child has been diagnosed by a mental health counselor, a Personal Injury Law Firm in Tacoma WA can help the parents obtain financial compensation from the at-fault driver’s insurer. The insurance company may deny this part of the claim at first, especially if the young person’s symptoms did not appear immediately. The mental health professional can provide documentation verifying that signs of post-traumatic stress commonly do not occur until weeks after the accident happened. A lawyer such as Scott Candoo, attorney at law, knows the evidence that the family must provide to convince the insurer to pay. S

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