Reasons You Should Hire Child Custody Lawyers in Columbus OH

by | Oct 12, 2016 | Family Law Attorney

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When people get married, they do so hoping the union will last forever. However, differences can occur in the marriage making it necessary for the partners to go their separate ways. The process becomes quite difficult especially if there are little kids involved. While it is difficult for a young child to adapt to a life of not having both parents together, it will be necessary for one of the parents to get the custody. If you are thinking about getting the custody of your children after marriage dissolution, you will need Child Custody Lawyers in Columbus OH. Here are some of the reasons you need to hire these lawyers.

Knowledge of child custody law

People that have been involved in a child custody battle will tell you that being the biological parent, and more so being the responsible parent isn’t enough grounds for the state to grant you custody. There are other considerations that are normally put into account.

1. Your financial status will be reviewed to determine your ability to provide for the child.
2. Criminal background investigations will be carried out. Here, crimes that were committed many years before with no bearing to your child rearing capabilities could stand in the way.
3. Your health status, mental and emotional health will also be questioned and used against you in a custody battle.

A custody attorney will make sure that such trivialities do not lead to your child ending up with less care than they deserve.

Voice of reason

Very few divorce proceedings are what would be termed as amicable. The process becomes even more complicated when your spouse is angry at you for leaving or for being the cause of the separation. This anger clouds their better judgment, making them want to use the children as a tool of war. Having a lawyer will help you determine if you want custody because you do deserve it or simply out of spite. The lawyers will be able to intervene and bring a sensible resolution.


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