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A Wills and Estate Planning Attorney Can Answer Your Questions about Drawing Up a Will

Whether you are seeking help with a living will, small estate planning, or a simple will, you need to speak to an attorney who is well-versed in elder and estate law to make sure that any questions or concerns are answered or resolved.

Drawing up a basic will—also known as a last will and testament—ensures the protection of your family and assets upon your death. Therefore, you can draw up a will to do the following:

* Leave property to organizations or individuals
* Name a guardian for your children
* Name a person to oversee property left to minor children
* Name an executor

This process is made easier when you rely on the services of a wills and estate planning attorney.

Who to Go to for Support

In Wisconsin, it is important to consult with an attorney from a firm like Duncan Disability Law S.C. to ensure that your final requests are honored. Otherwise, without a will, your assets will be allocated according to the state’s intestacy laws. In this case, the property would be given to your spouse and children. If you do not have a spouse or children, your parents or grandchildren would receive the property.

Consulting with an Attorney

While you do not necessarily have to contact a wills and estate planning attorney, it still is in your best interest to do so. For instance, if you think there might be a problem with someone contesting a will, you need to obtain further legal advice. Also, if you want to disinherit a relative, you need to talk to an attorney.

Even if you do not have these types of complex questions to ask, a wills and estate planning attorney can assist you in making sure that no disputes arise with respect to your estate. It also helps to have an attorney present when you sign the will. To finalize the document, you need to sign the will in the presence of two witnesses. These witnesses must also sign the will. Notarization is not necessary in order to make the document legal. You can also connect them on Facebook.

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