Learning About Traffic Stops That Are Allowed Under DUI Law in Twin Falls, ID

by | Oct 3, 2017 | Attorney

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Attorneys who defend clients charged with driving under the influence know which strategies work and which are ineffective. For instance, DUI Law in Twin Falls ID states that police officers cannot stop a driver they suspect of being intoxicated unless there is a sound reason to do so. Seeing someone stumble out of a bar and get behind the wheel is not enough. The person must do something questionable or illegal, or there must be something wrong with the vehicle.

Unusual Behavior

Law enforcement officials can stop someone for behaving oddly on the road, and they have a lot of leeway in this regard. For instance, a person who signals a right turn and then turns left or keeps moving straight has ju mnbst done something that could lead to a traffic stop.

Arriving at a flashing yellow light and stopping for several seconds instead of traveling through is another sign to officers that something is amiss. Weaving and crossing the center line are other red flags, and so is not turning on the headlights at night. In these kinds of cases, the aspect of DUI Law in Twin Falls ID the officers are using is known as probable cause.

Vehicle Issues

Police officers can pull a driver over for numerous vehicle-related violations and other issues. Expired registration stickers, burned-out lights, and even a dirty windshield allows the police to stop a driver. Then, if there are indications of intoxication, the officers can proceed to investigate that suspicion.

Many people in law enforcement are familiar with some of the stranger situations that have happened involving traffic stops. In Texas, for instance, one woman was actually driving around with a 15-ft. tree stuck in the grill and both front airbags deployed. That certainly raised eyebrows among witnesses and the police alike. She did, indeed, turn out to be intoxicated.

Getting Assistance

Anyone who has been charged with DUI after these kinds of stops needs assistance from an organization such as Gariepy Law Offices. Trying to blame the police for stopping the driver would be ineffective, but the attorney may be able to use other strategies to help the client avoid the worst consequences. Get a firm overview at the website.

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