Advice for Non-Custodial Fathers: Key Bits of Information Regarding Child Support in Douglasville, GA

by | Oct 30, 2018 | Lawyers

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Back in 2001, federal agencies estimated that the total amount of child maintenance payments amassed throughout the country was somewhere between $21-22 billion, which is ostensibly a very high figure.

But, if we skip ahead to the present day, this number has shot up by almost 55%, and nationwide child support collections are currently valued at more than $32 billion, which means that maintenance payments are simply a way of life for millions upon millions of Americans.

What Are the Reasons for the Surge?

Back in the early 1970s, less than 14% of all live births were attributed to unmarried women, and, a bit farther back, during the 1940s, a paltry 3.8% of births were to unwed couples. Toda9y, on the other hand, the unwed birth rate has skyrocketed to nearly 41%.

In response to this new-age trend – which is largely fueled by the millennial generation – the court system has taken steps to alleviate the child support strain on non-custodial fathers:

  • More economical terms to aid low-income payers
  • Decreasing or excusing past debts and late payments
  • Bolstering visitation rights and improving access to children for both parents
  • Delivering convenient, low-cost parenting courses to propagate familial connections

However, if you’d like to ameliorate the terms of your child support requirements, resolve lingering debts, hold the other parent accountable, or straighten out any other entanglement that has been hanging over your head, you have to make contact with a professional resource.

To be specific, you must meet with an attorney that specializes in handling child support in Douglasville, GA.

How Can a Lawyer Benefit My Situation?

If you get in touch with a trusted legal firm – such as Business Name – you’ll be able to conjointly tackle your familial problems and utilize foolproof legal strategies to make your situation simpler and more manageable.

This individualized legal support won’t cost a fortune, and you’ll have stellar guidance each and every day, so arrange your first meetup right now. Click here for more details about the professional child support in Douglasville, GA.

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