Avoid Any Problems and Ambiguity

by | Mar 7, 2018 | Lawyers

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By speaking to a probate lawyer in St Petersburg FL, you can rest assured that your assets are distributed in the manner that is in best keeping with your final wishes. Florida law states that without a Will or other various legal documents the state is left to be in charge of final distribution of your assets. Don’t leave it to the government to decide how your family is taken care of when you are gone. The decision is yours to make.

What Does A Probate Lawyer Do?

On occasion, certain matters regarding a deceased person’s estate must be proven in a Florida court of law.  Simply put it is the court’s way of making sure that upon your death your wishes are carried out exactly how you wanted them to be. The goal is to make sure that any titles and assets go to the rightful beneficiaries.

  • Collect your assets

  • Pay your debts and expenses

  • Distribute remaining assets to name beneficiaries

  • Create a trust for minors or others who need protection

The Sad Truth Is …

Sadly, on occasion after a person’s death if they were not clear with their final wishes it can lead to families fighting one another, bickering and arguing over money, and legal proceedings against one another in a court of law. These kinds of things can tear families apart sometimes to a point where the relationship becomes unrepairable. Don’t let that be your legacy to your family. Be clear about how you want all of your assets distributed so, the courts have a clear understanding of your final wishes. It is time to contact a probate lawyer from the Hill Law Group today and talk about the options available to you. It is better to be prepared.

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