Child Support in Sullivan, Indiana: Maintaining a Child’s Welfare After Divorce

by | Aug 14, 2015 | Lawyers

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When parents part ways with children involved, sudden changes in their lives that deviate from what they’re accustomed to can be hard to deal with. There are a lot of things to put into consideration like if there will be sole or shared custody, child support, and whether or not both parents have say in how the children are raised, educated and exposed to religions. Legal counsel may be necessary to help make decisions that are crucial to the lives of family members.

Child support in Sullivan, Indiana is the continued financial support of a child by one parent after divorce or if the child is not living with that parent. There are several determining agents that say whether or not child support is necessary at all and how much a person pays in that case. For instance, in joint custody when children spend half of their time with each parent, child support is not allowed because both parents have equal financial responsibilities under the conditions of an agreement in joint custody. When one parent has primary custody and child support is enforced, the expenses required to take care of the children and looked at. A judge for child support in Sullivan, Indiana needs to know how a child’s health care is paid for and if any children are in daycare. These are called controlled expenses that help measure the average disbursement of funds spent in a given period of time.

Attorneys at Feavel Law office do everything in their power to make the divorce process a smooth transition. Child support modifications can be made for many reasons: the parent paying child support may have new financial responsibilities like another child from a new relationship or, if earned wages are reduced, modifications may be necessary. The person requesting modification needs a detailed reason explaining why. Courts look at what’s in a child’s best interest while still mandating financial support only for an amount that the obligee is able to pay.

Emancipation of child support occurs when children reach the age of 19 and, it is a process and should be started months in advance so income withholding orders for support don’t continue beyond the 19th birthday. An attorney can help non-custodial parents figure out how they can help pay for college.

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