Do You Need Disability Law Firms in Fall River, MA?

by | Feb 9, 2018 | Attorney

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There are several different kinds of disability. There is disability that is recognized and paid for by the federal government; this type of disability usually comes from the Social Security Administration. Social Security Disability is the largest disability program in the United States. There are also programs that deal specifically with workplace related injuries. A workplace injury could qualify you for compensation from the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA). OSHA upholds many labor laws that apply to how you are treated at work and what you are entitled to. There are also some local and state laws that apply. All of those laws can be very confusing; that’s why disability law firms are so important.

Find a Law Firm

It’s important to find great disability law firms in Fall River, MA. They will help you deal with your disability as well as with the federal government. Dealing with the federal government in any capacity is always confusing and difficult. The laws and regulations have to apply to everyone in the country; that means they are very large and very confusing. A great law firm will help you out.

Sara J. Frankel is an example of the kind of disability advocate you need. The nuances of disability law mean that you need someone who is talented and experienced in that area of the law.

What about Worker’s Compensation?

If you are injured while you are at work, disability law firms might be able to argue for worker’s compensation as well as disability from the Social Security Administration. There are also payments that are based on income. If you have a low income or none at all, you could be entitled to income assistance as well. Supplemental income from Social Security is based on need and not on your disability itself.

Lawyers will help you determine what you are entitled to and what you qualify for.

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