Do You Need To Hire A Lemon Law Lawyer?

by | Nov 1, 2016 | Attorney

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Buying a new car is a major financial undertaking for the majority of people. The savvy car buyer will have done his or her due diligence; figured out what it should cost, the options that they want installed other cars in the same class, reliability and more. You want the car you buy to be right for you, after all, chances are you will be paying for it month after month for the next few years.

Even if you have done everything that you can in advance of the purchase, there is nothing written that the car won’t be among the two percent of all new cars that turns out to be a lemon. To get satisfaction there is a very good chance that you may have to engage a lemon law lawyer.

All states have a lemon law:

All states have put in place their own version of the lemon law. This legislation which as a result of the Magnuson-Moss Warranty Act has been put in place to protect consumers against purchasing faulty consumer goods, including vehicles. Although the public is aware that such laws exist, few have any idea of how they work. This is precisely why they feel that they need to involve a knowledgeable lemon law lawyer.

The system, although different from one state to another, is such that a consumer can file his or her own claim. However, like most things legal, you are better off perusing satisfaction with a lawyer that can help you and guide you through the steps. In most cases there is a need to contact the vehicle manufacturer direct, providing them with evidence that you have done your part and now it is time for them to do theirs. When you are supported by a lemon law lawyer there is more impetus behind your demands.

If you have a lemon then it is a good idea that you engage a lemon law lawyer to help you get satisfaction. For information on lemon law lawyers by state you are invited to visit the web site of Lemon Law America.

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