Don’t Hesitate to Contact a Personal Injury Attorney for Help

by | Dec 23, 2014 | Lawyers

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You may feel concerned about what your friends, relatives and co-workers will think if you file a personal injury lawsuit. You don’t want to seem greedy or part of a “sue happy” society. Nevertheless, now that you are burdened with financial difficulties because you were seriously hurt by another person’s reckless or negligent behavior, you may deserve compensation. Personal Injury Attorneys in Wichita can help you get the money for medical bills and general living expenses you’re having trouble paying.

What If This Is a Frivolous Lawsuit?

For your own personal principles, you may worry that you’re blowing this situation out of proportion. You certainly don’t want anyone to think you’re trying to get money for no good reason.

Rest assured, a law firm such as Business Name will only offer to bring you on as a client if they believe you have a good case. Personal injury attorneys receive contingent fees rather than direct fees; that means they are only paid a percentage of the settlement or court award you receive. They will not want to spend their time on a frivolous lawsuit that an insurance carrier will not pay a settlement for and that a judge will throw out of court.

What this means for you is that when a personal injury attorney accepts your case, you can rest assured that you deserve monetary compensation for your injury.

What If People You Know Make Critical Remarks?

If you’re hesitating to contact Personal Injury Attorneys in Wichita because you’re afraid of what people might think, no doubt you know some individuals who tend to be overly critical. Hopefully, you can convince yourself that it’s really none of their business. However, you may want to make an effective response to criticism.

You don’t have to get into all the personal details, but you might mention factors such as the total amount of your medical expenses and the number of days you missed work. Having to take unpaid days off work may have led to overdue bills and service charges.

Contact a Lawyer for a Free Consultation

You can have a free consultation with a personal injury lawyer and learn whether you have a good case. Don’t delay any longer; contact a law firm by phone, email or through the firm’s website.

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