Family Law Attorneys in Mankato, MN. Help With Domestic Violence Issues

by | Apr 27, 2020 | Lawyers

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In the ideal family everyone gets along, and the issues are minor. Unfortunately, that is not always the case. Families do have issues, and some are so bad that they cause families to split up. There are situations that occur that make a family staying together virtually impossible. However, family law attorneys in Mankato, MN. offer solutions for families that will help them to have a better outcome in their family matters. These solutions have been used in divorce cases, child support or custody cases, legal separations, alimony and assets division, termination of parental rights, and parenting time plans.

A lot of family law issues come from domestic violence. When a family finds itself in a domestic violence situation, it is time to call upon some other resources for help. Such a situation cannot be navigated successfully alone. One of the first things that will need to be done immediately is to file a restraining order against the violator. The restraining order is put in place to protect the victim from further physical or sexual abuse from the spouse or other family member.

Family law attorneys in Mankato, MN. will help their clients understand everything they need to know about restraining orders. The very first one that will be issued is an emergency protection order (EOP) which lasts until the closing of the next business day. The other type of order is a permanent order. It is also known as the final protective order and will last one year, or longer, depending upon the circumstances.

Blatz Law Office LTD. has been offering family law solutions to clients in the Mankato area. If you are in a domestic violence situation and need help resolving the issues, the law firm can help. Whether you are having domestic violence issues, divorce or separation issues, or child custody issues, the law firm offers help. In addition to family law, the law firm also handles personal injury law cases and criminal law cases. If you are looking for family law attorneys in Mankato, MN., visit the website

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