Getting an Understanding of Wills and Estates Law in Kendallville, IN

by | Jun 1, 2018 | Law

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The issue of having to deal with wills and estates sometimes comes under the type of law that deals with matters in probate court. These are matters that must be handled after a person has died and the settling of the estate must be attended to, usually by some close member of the family. A law firm that helps clients to understand wills and estates law in Kendallville, IN realizes how difficult the process can be for family members or court-appointed administrators to handle. Here are some things that need to be understood about such laws in Indiana.

Understanding Wills and Estates in Indiana

When a person has died, what is left to be dealt with is called the estate, and if the person has died intestate (without a will), the matter becomes rather complex. Depending upon the value of the estate, the matter may not have to go through probate court or have an official administrator. Estates that are worth more than $50,000 will have to go through a supervised or unsupervised administration of the estate. In the first type of administration, a personal representative is appointed and there can be no transactions of the property without the approval of the court.

More About Wills and Estates in Indiana

The carrying out of the wishes of the will is a matter of having an executor to govern the process, and those who are the heirs will be present to see the process through. There are times when a will is argued to be invalid or someone comes up with a codicil that challenges the will on file. In such cases, it is wise to have an attorney experienced in estate law to help sort through the difficulties.

An Attorney to Advise on Wills and Estates in Indiana

When it comes to finding a law firm that provides quality advice about wills, estates and probate, the person should look for one with good counsel on the matter. Yoder & Kraus PC is an example of a law firm in Kendallville, Indiana that helps clients with probate matters. Anyone who needs to consult with an attorney about wills and estates law in Kendallville, IN can contact this law firm at Website URL. Like us on Facebook.

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