If you Live in Woodland Hills, California and Need a Criminal Attorney to Help You

by | Nov 28, 2023 | Law

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If you find yourself facing a second arrest for driving under the influence, and you’re committed to your sobriety with two weeks of progress, seeking legal help is crucial. To navigate this situation effectively, you require an expert in early settlement mediation in Woodland Hills, CA. Look for a law firm with extensive experience in this specific legal area.

While some DUI cases are dropped, others, like yours, may proceed to court, especially considering it’s your second offense. With potential jail time looming, jeopardizing your recovery, hiring an attorney specializing in pretrial mediation becomes essential.

Choosing an attorney with expertise in early settlement mediation increases your chances of resolving the matter without going to court or facing jail time. This approach may help you save on attorney and court fees, a significant relief considering the job loss resulting from the DUI.

Mediation aims to act as a neutral third party facilitating a mutually agreed-upon solution rather than directly representing you. If this approach resonates with your needs, consider reaching out to the law firm of Karagozian & Rudolph, PC, for early settlement mediation in Woodland Hills, CA.

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