Getting What’s Yours With a Personal Injury Lawyer in Charlotte County

by | Aug 24, 2020 | Law

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Injuries are painful, but sometimes the greater pain happens when insurance companies refuse to cover medical costs. As bills pile up, and time off work means smaller paychecks, an injury can take its toll on a family’s well being. When that happens, it is time to find a personal injury lawyer in Charlotte County. They can help clients find out if they qualify for compensation even when the insurance companies say no. Injured people looking for good legal representation ask several things:

* Are they available? Many personal injury attorneys have a 24-hour hotline. They can be reached in an emergency.

* Are they contingency based? If they are, they will only collect money if and when clients do.

* Will they fight for compensation that includes past bills? A good attorney understands the financial strain denied injury claims cause families. They will help clients recover lost wages and get reimbursement for past medical expenses.

* Do they represent a broad range of injuries? Good attorneys will represent people whether they were injured on the job, in an auto accident, or hurt in a public place. Injuries including animal attacks, falls, and accidents on private property are also represented.

* Do they offer a free consultation? Attorneys use consultations to determine whether a case can succeed. Potential clients can use them to determine whether a particular attorney is right for them.

* Clients have the opportunity to Visit Wotitzky, Wotitzky, Ross, McKinley & Young, P.A. or locate a firm through the Internet. Many attorneys also work in areas related to accidents and compensation, such as insurance law, divorce, Social Security, and representation for drivers charged with DUIs. They can also defend clients who are allegedly at fault in an accident.

For the injured, they can assist in the entire process, from filing and appealing insurance claims to gathering essential information such as incident reports and police records. A personal injury lawyer in Charlotte County understands an injured client’s right to care and compensation. No matter what side of an accident a client is on, attorneys are available to help clients get the medical attention and financial restitution they are entitled to.

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