Hire a Slip-and-Fall Attorney in Fort Collins to Get the Case Filed Within Statutory Limits

by | Sep 2, 2015 | Attorney

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If someone is hurt in a slip-and-fall accident, they may not need to file a lawsuit; most people file insurance claims instead. However, people do have a right to file a lawsuit, and that’s the main motivation for insurers to make fair settlements. For this very reason, statutory limits are crucial.

A filing deadline is dictated by personal injury statutes of limitations in a particular state. These laws put time limits on the initiation of a personal injury suit. Every state’s laws are different, but most allow two years between the accident and the deadline. The attorneys at The Law Offices of Burton & Burton can help clients understand their state’s rules, and they can help them file a lawsuit in a timely manner.

State Time Limits on Filing Personal Injury Suits

Like every other state, Colorado has a statute of limitations where personal injury claims are concerned. For instance, in Fort Collins, injury victims have up to two years from the date of the injury to file a slip-and-fall claim. In these cases, the victim should call a lawyer as soon as possible to avoid exceeding the statute of limitations.

Time Limits are for Filing, Not for Settlement

Injury victims should remember that their state’s statute of limitations is a deadline for getting the case started in the civil court, to file an initial complaint. The case does not have to be settled before the deadline approaches; in many cases, timing a settlement is impossible.

If a client is close to Colorado’s filing deadline, but settlement negotiations are still ongoing, it is a wise decision to file a lawsuit anyway. Filing a suit at this time helps the victim keep his or her options open, and it helps them protect their legal rights. Victims can still take part in settlement negotiations, and a slip-and-fall attorney in Fort Collins can work to get their slip-and-fall case settled out of court. However, they will retain the option of allowing the court to resolve the case if settlement negotiations fail.

Slip-and-fall and other injury claims are complex, and most people don’t have the legal knowledge or skill to represent themselves in civil court. By hiring a slip-and-fall attorney in Fort Collins, the client can learn about their legal options and they can ensure that their rights are protected.

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