Hiring a Bail Enforcement Agent

by | Jul 3, 2014 | Lawyers

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A bail is set when a judge decides that a person, who has been accused of a crime, can be released with bail. The decision to be released on bail is taken on a number of factors, including the offense, criminal history, roots in the community and if the person offers little or no danger repeating a crime. Most of the time bail will be set and the accused will come to court as they are supposed. Then again, there are times when they do not make their court date. Here are a few reasons that bail is a good idea.

No financial burden

To be released on bail does not mean there is no penalty. It’s quite the opposite. A non-refundable deposit is required for by Bail Bonding Companies in Atlanta, and this can amount to thousands of dollars depending on the situation and the crime committed. While bond funds may be returned if the defendant appears to all court dates, criminal cases can last for long periods of time. The defendant or their loved ones who paid the deposit will have to find the cash or other means to cover the bail money while awaiting trial. This only happens if you paid the court directly. It will not happen if you hired a bondsman. They keep the money as compensation.

Conservation lifestyle

A defendant who is released on bail can continue with their job and family life while awaiting trial. In many cases, if a bond is set and the money could not be gathered, the defendant remains in jail. Just spending a long time in prison can result in loss of employment on top of family stress. Bail Bonding Companies in Atlanta can work with you and your family on bond situations in some circumstances.

Better prepared to defend

A person who is released on his own recognizance has the ability to work with a lawyer up until the court date, which means a better defense of your case. If the defendant was in prison, lawyers could only visit during the hours set. The additional flexibility allows lawyers and their clients to work more closely together to achieve a better and stronger defense. For more information, visit us website today.

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