Hiring a Criminal Attorney in Johnson County, KS

by | Sep 26, 2014 | Legal Services

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When you are charged with a crime, you may feel completely defeated. You’re looking at your future and are convinced that your life is over. Things aren’t always what they seem to be, and a criminal defense attorney understands that. Even if you had a lapse in judgment and made a mistake, a defense attorney will work to either have the charges dropped, or lessen the sentence so that you may learn from your mistakes and live a productive life. Finding the right criminal attorney in Johnson County, KS is a process that is as unique as each individual.

A criminal attorney will schedule a consultation to help you understand charges. If you are charged, you could highly benefit from selecting your own attorney. Public defenders have very little time to truly research and work on your case. They may have 200 or more cases at one time. Criminal defense attorneys likely know the prosecutors involved in your case. They can negotiate on your behalf. Experienced attorneys often have handled cases that are similar to yours. Based on their experience, they can give advice as to your options. They will discuss what the outcomes were in similar cases, and which factors played a role in the final outcome. They can also tell you how they were handled. A criminal attorney will help you understand if you need a state or federal attorney. Federal cases are often more complex, so require more experienced and a specially trained lawyer. Make sure your attorney is concentrated in area that you need. Lawyers that focus on one type of law tend to know the rules and regulations like the back of their hand.

Find out about the educational background of your potential attorney. Professional organizations and personal referrals can help you find right one. Remember to always be aware of the costs. Most lawyers offer payment plans. Make sure you meet the attorney who will actually be working your case before hiring a firm, as the firm could use a different attorney. Make sure that you are honest and discuss all the facts of the charges. If you are looking for a criminal attorney in Johnson County, KS, start looking online and reading reviews of firms like Gilby and Haynes Law Firm, LLP.

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