How to Choose an Estate Planning Attorney in Topeka, KS

by | Nov 27, 2017 | Lawyers and Law Firms

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If you need to find a lawyer to assist you with estate planning, you need to narrow your search to those attorneys who come highly recommended and have direct experience. You will be giving the attorney some personal details. Therefore, you have to feel comfortable about the type of rapport that you establish in this respect.

Choosing an Attorney for Estate Planning

When choosing an estate planning attorney in Topeka, KS, you need to consider the following:

* Do you feel comfortable communicating with the attorney? In other words, do you feel okay about sharing some personal details? Do you believe that the lawyer is actually interested in working with you or solving any problems?

* What are the credentials and background of the lawyer? Find out how long the lawyer has been practicing estate law. Has he or she worked on other estate planning cases that are similar to yours?

* Where is the attorney located? Is he or she situated in the immediate area?

* How are the fees structured? Does the lawyer work by a flat fee or hourly? Can the attorney estimate the total cost for your case?

Review the above questions when choosing an estate planning attorney so that you can feel confident about your choice. In addition, consider the areas that you want to cover with your legal counsel. Estate planning includes such areas as wills, durable powers of attorney for healthcare, and trusts.

Reviewing the Services

Before you sit down with an estate planning attorney, it is also a good idea to go over what services you will need. You may also want to ask about some of the firm’s services that you have overlooked.

By taking this initiative, you can ensure that any estate planning will go smoothly and according to your wishes. Whether you have a large or small estate, this type of assistance is necessary if you want to stay in control of managing your assets and cash. To find out further details contact a legal firm such as Debenham Law Office, LLC online. Set up an appointment for a consultation today.

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