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Get the Best Defense After a DUI with the Help of DUI Law Attorneys in Miamisburg, OH

Being pulled over for driving under the influence is a big deal. Every state has strict laws in place regarding DUI, and Ohio is no exception. In fact, Ohio is one of those states where, if someone is convicted of DUI, it never comes off of their record, although the points are removed from the DMV after two years.

The first DUI offense is a 90-day suspended license, four points on a driving record, 72 hours in jail, and a $1000 fine. The penalties increase for subsequent violations. Additionally, the courts can choose to suspend a license indefinitely if they are concerned that a driver will be a repeat offender. That’s why DUI Law Attorneys in Miamisburg OH are so important for any offense.

Following the Legal Process

A lawyer will ensure that the police, as well as the courts, follow the legal process for a DUI. Ohio has both chemical testing laws and a breathalyzer test. While a driver can refuse a chemical test, if they are found guilty, the fines and the suspension time can be increased.

When a chemical test-;such as a blood or urine test-;is administered, a lawyer can question whether the evidence was treated correctly. They can also have the breathalyzer tested to see if it was calibrated incorrectly, which is a common issue with these devices. If called in soon enough, an attorney can also require an independent testing of the blood or urine to ensure the test wasn’t read wrong by the state’s lab.

Reducing the Penalties

DUI Law Attorneys in Miamisburg OH can also help reduce the penalties for their client. There are minimum fines, suspensions, and jail time, but the court has a lot of discretion in regards to increasing all of these things, even for a first offense. Using a lawyer ensures the accused doesn’t find themselves in jail for a month and with a year driving suspension for a first offense.

Drinking and driving is a crime, and you shouldn’t do it for any reason. If, however, you are pulled over for this offense, calling a lawyer is a vital part of your defense, whether you’re guilty or not. Doing this can change everything for you, especially if you’re falsely accused. Find more information about hiring a lawyer online today.

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