How to Know When You Need a Traffic Defense Lawyer in Virginia

by | Nov 24, 2023 | Law

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You may know that a traffic court lawyer is a legal professional hired to defend people charged with traffic offenses. However, you may have wondered when you would need their assistance with a case. Please read below to learn which situations can warrant a traffic defense lawyer. Serious Offenses Weighty traffic offenses like hit and run, reckless driving, or DUI can have severe consequences, like considerable fines or even imprisonment. You would need assistance from a traffic defense lawyer from Norfolk, VA to contest the evidence, request a plea deal, or represent you in court. Prior Records Prior record of traffic violations or convictions can cause you to face harsher penalties with your current offense. A traffic defense lawyer from Norfolk, VA can help you avoid a suspended or revoked license or apply for a limited-use license that lets you drive for approved purposes. Career Protection A traffic defense lawyer from Norfolk, VA can help you protect your driving privileges and your profession. They take steps to prevent the loss of a license for jobs like taxi drivers, truck drivers, or delivery drivers and help keep earning your needed income. False Accusation There are times that mistakes get made during a traffic offense. You may need the experienced guidance of a lawyer when you believe that you have received unfair treatment or inaccurate accusation by the police. Handle these situations by speaking with the experienced team with Driving Defense Law.

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