If You Need A Trucking Accidents Lawyer In Grand Rapids, Mi, You Need The Most Experienced Lawyer You Can Find

by | Oct 2, 2014 | Legal Services

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It’s hardly surprising that when a truck is involved in a traffic accident, the occupants of the other vehicle are apt to be very seriously injured or even killed. Gross vehicle weight matters and the truck outweighs the car by a factor of at least 10 to 1. The truck driver is surrounded by heavy-gauge steel and is seated much higher that the driver in the car. While truck drivers can be hurt as badly as other drivers, in many accidents they are injured far less severely.

Truck drivers are not responsible for all accidents involving a truck and a smaller vehicle. Overall, truck drivers are older and have a wealth of driving experience. Some accidents are caused by other drivers who may suddenly cut in front of a truck or doing something similar, perhaps not realizing that a truck cannot stop as quickly as a car, especially when fully loaded.

However, truck drivers and the trucks themselves are responsible for the massive injuries caused in many car-truck accidents. Both federal and state laws have a set of trucking regulations and keep track of accident statistics. Overall, there are several causes of truck accidents.

1. The driver holds the ultimate responsibility for driving safely. Unsafe driving may be a result of fatigue, drugs, alcohol, risky or too fast driving or physical unfitness.

2. The truck or trailer may not be maintained properly by the owner of the trailer or truck. Brake or tire failure are often involved in truck accidents.

3. The person or company that leased the truck may prove to have been negligent.

4. If the accident was caused by some mechanical failure (tires, brakes or something else), the manufacturer may be held responsible for a product defect.

5. Improper loading can result in cargo shifting, unbalancing the truck and causing an accident. Whoever loaded the truck may be at fault.

A Trucking Accidents Lawyer will often find that they are dealing with a situation where the insurance companies for any or all of the parties listed above are arguing amongst themselves as to who is responsible. When a victim of a car/truck accident needs help from and, they need someone experienced in this area. At Bleakley Law Offices, each Trucking Accidents Lawyer in Grand Rapids or Muskegon is focused on providing each injured or disabled person with the compensation that they are due. to


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