Information to Present During a Hearing for Reinstatement of Your License

by | Sep 19, 2019 | Lawyers

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After your license is suspended, you have a limited opportunity to appear before the judge and ask for it to be given back to you. You can ask the court to grant you a hearing during which you can present evidence that shows that you deserve to regain your driving privileges. Before you appear before the judge, however, you need to prepare for it carefully. You can present the best evidence in your favor by hiring an experienced lawyer to represent you during your Illinois drivers license reinstatement hearing.

Proof of Reformed Behavior

When you appear at an Illinois drivers license reinstatement hearing, you will need to show the judge that you have changed your behavior and will not commit the same offense again. For example, if your license was suspended because you drove while inebriated, you could possibly regain your license by showing the judge that you completed a drug and alcohol rehabilitation program. Your newfound sobriety could make you a safer and better driver.

Likewise, if you lost your license because of speeding or reckless driving, you can show the judge that you completed a defensive driving or drivers education program. The skills that you learned in the course can make you a more cautious driver who is less likely to break traffic laws again.

Show that you’ve learned from the experience. You also want to appear sorry for your driving mishaps and humbled from experience. Your lawyer can prepare you for the hearing by telling you what kind of language to use before the judge to prove your genuine contrition. You want to avoid appearing angry or obnoxious if you want your license to be given back to you.

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