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Injured in a Collision? Hire an Injury Attorney in Tulsa

A person may be happily singing to the radio as they drive along an Oklahoma highway, when a car plows into them from behind. The collision sends them across two lanes of traffic and they are hit by numerous cars. As a result they have many broken bones and a traumatic head injury. As soon as they receive emergency medical treatment, they should contact an injury attorney in Tulsa for help. If the accident was caused by a negligent driver, then they are entitled to damages to help pay their medical bills and compensate for lost wages.

It doesn’t matter if the other driver is a nice person who never meant to hurt anyone. If they were arguing with their husband on their cellphone, then they weren’t paying attention to the road and they were negligent. The personal injury attorney will determine the cost of the injured person’s medical bills and lost income. He will then file a claim with the negligent driver’s insurance company. Usually the insurance company rejects the initial claim and counters with a much smaller amount of damages. If the doctors say that the injured person will never recover, the insurance company doctors may dispute this. Even if they agree to pay a lifetime of medical bills, they may argue over the lost wages. Their actuarial experts will claim that the injured person was a high school dropout with a very low earnings potential. The Injury Attorney in Tulsa will claim that there is every chance that he would have gone to college in the future.

Injured persons are also entitled to ask for damages for emotional trauma and pain and suffering. Traumatic brain injury can rob a person of the joy in their life. They have to struggle to comb their hair. They may have memory problems that keep them from remembering their wife’s name. Psychologists for the insurance company may claim that the injured person is faking it. The Injury Attorney will bring in his own medical experts to prove they are wrong. If the insurance company won’t pay a fair settlement, then he is ready to go to court and let a jury decide.

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