Knowing When to Call a Workplace Injury Attorney in Boston, MA

by | Dec 24, 2018 | Attorney

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For most employees who suffer an accident at work, their first and most obvious option for obtaining help is workers’ compensation. However, while workers’ compensation can pay disability benefits in the short term and permanently, their pain and suffering may not be covered, and workers’ compensation is just that: compensation for the worker.

The employer does not have to pay punitive damages no matter how dangerous the work environment is. This is why people should turn to a workplace injury attorney in Boston, MA after suffering an injury at work.

What Is a Work Injury or Accident?

The definition of an injury in the workplace is one that occurs while performing work tasks. That can range from:

  • Anything minor, such as a cut or scrape
  • Broken bones
  • Losing a limb
  • Being burned
  • Getting sick
  • Requiring stitches due to an injury
  • Preexisting conditions that worsen
  • Psychological wounds or mental health problems

Workers’ Compensation

Employees should always expect to work in a reasonably safe and healthy work environment. Most employers try to maintain at least a minimum standard of health and safety, but accidents still occur. That is why each state has put in place systems to compensate employees for any injury that may occur at work.

Workers ‘compensation is designed to help alleviate the financial stress experienced while becoming healthy again. However, workers’ compensation does not punish an employer for unsafe working conditions or pay for pain and mental suffering. This is why a workplace injury attorney in Boston, MA should be contacted as soon as possible.

Options to Consider

Sometimes, other factors could benefit a person suing the employer for the injuries received. A lawsuit could be a legal option if:

  • Someone other than the employer or company caused the injury. In this case, the injured party could find a personal injury lawyer to help with the case.
  • If a toxic chemical was part of the injury, injured parties could file a game of toxic crime against the company that made that chemical.
  • Maybe a product at work broke or did not work correctly and that caused the injury. You could sue the manufacturer of that product.

If workers’ compensation is not an option at your workplace, you could sue the employer. This could entitle you to money from a state fund that handles workers’ compensation claims. Visit their website to learn more. You can also visit them on Facebook.

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