Men Can Assert their Rights with the Help of a Child Custody Lawyer in Allentown, PA

by | May 15, 2017 | Divorce Attorney

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Child custody may be one of the most difficult issues in a divorce. Today, fathers are just as likely as mothers to have strong bonds with their children and family courts recognize this dynamic. There’s no longer an understanding that the mother will get custody when the parents separate. Many fathers have been awarded full custody of their children without having to prove the mother was unfit to raise them. The standard is much lower now. For a father to win custody, he merely needs to prove it is in the best interest of his children. Men who are interested in having their children with them full-time after their separation should consult with a child custody lawyer in Allentown, PA.

Custody battles can be very emotional, with some parents lying to gain sympathy from the court. A man who wants custody of his kids must find a child custody lawyer in Allentown, PA, who’s able to defend their client against false accusations and is also aggressive enough to prevent those accusations from damaging their client’s reputation. An aggressive attorney might always be on the offensive and help a client avoid getting attacked at all. The truth is critical in custody cases, and sometimes it’s challenging for a judge to tell the difference between an honest concern for children’s safety and an attempt to make the other parent appear to be a danger to their own kids, to win full custody of them.

Today, courts tend to prefer that parents work out a shared parenting arrangement rather than award one parent full custody over the other. Shared parenting allows children to spend time with both parents and gives the kids access to everything both parents have to offer them. Studies have shown that children who have a strong bond with both parents thrive and are less likely to live in poverty than those who are disconnected from one or the other. A father who is separating from his children’s mother and wants to ensure his rights are protected should schedule an appointment to consult with a custody lawyer right away.

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