What a Criminal Conviction Could Cost and Advantages of a Criminal Defense Attorney in Cook County, IL

by | Oct 22, 2021 | Divorce Attorney, Law

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The legal fees of a criminal defense attorney may seem like an inconvenient and exceptional cost when first considering defense to a criminal charge, but these legal fees are nothing compared to the costs of an unfair, unnecessary, or harsh conviction which may be the alternative option. Your ability to achieve a favorable outcome is exponentially better with counsel, and any opportunity to lessen or negate the consequences that can result from the process and outcome of a criminal case is well worth the financial investment.

Hurt to Your Wallet

The financial costs of a criminal charge can be severe. First, if applicable is the cost of bail. Second, if convicted or charged, there is the cost of fines, while throughout the process are monetary fees. A criminal defense attorney in Cook County, IL, will know when and how to successfully challenge imposition of bail. It should also be noted that when it comes to sentencing, an attorney with criminal defense experience will know the appropriate fines to expect for a specific charge and how to request imposition of fines from the sentencing judge.

A criminal defense attorney should be greatly invested in the resolution of a case and care about the outcome for every single client. As these are the most important rewards for good defense attorneys; not just the financial benefit, a good attorney will charge fair fees and do all possible to keep fees reasonable.

Not Just About Finances

There are many non-monetary costs of a criminal conviction. First and most devastatingly is the possibility of jail time and loss of basic freedom. It would be extremely difficult, nearing impossible, to place a financial value on risking more or any jail time for a crime.

Not to mention the non-financial tolls that occur between being charged with a crime and facing a judge or jury in court. These costs are physical and cause emotional strains such as stress, anxiety, and concern that can in turn negatively affect relationships and employment. Further costs such as this can potentially be relieved by a competent and caring criminal defense attorney. To know more please visit Giannola Legal LLC.

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