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by | Oct 13, 2014 | Accident Attorney

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When suffering a traffic accident, especially for the first time, most people have no idea what to say, what to do, or where to turn. Many people will file a claim on their insurance and leave it at that. But this is the worst thing you can do. Hiring Denton TX’s Best Accident Attorney is the way to go. Here are some simple steps to follow when you are in an accident.

The accident

When you are involved in a car accident, especially if it is a serious accident, it’s important to remain calm and follow a few simple steps:

     *     Contact the police, reporting the location and circumstances of the accident.

     *     The police will arrive and will take down all pertinent information. This includes license plate numbers, drivers injured, data and statements of witnesses and everything else needed to determine guilt or innocence.

     *     You should also get interviews from bystanders stating the place, date and time of the accident. This will include driver’s data and how the accident occurred.


If you are in a major accident, there is a possibility you could be admitted for several days, so it is important to make sure the doctors know everything about the accident. This will allow the doctors to treat you properly and will be a great asset when it comes time to file a claim. This is a good time to consult with Denton TX’s Best Accident Attorney, because any issues with the facts may be harmful to your interests. In mild cases, it is possible the hospital records can be used to increase or decrease your claim.

At the time of discharge, you should ask if all the right tests have been done (radiographs, CT, MRI, etc.). You should also ask for a medical report where it states that the injuries you have are due to the traffic accident and not pre-existing issues. You should also have the tests and their results, diagnosis and treatment. Medical reports, together with the results of the tests, are essential to initiate a complaint and request medical services for recovery. For more information contact your local lawyer today. Or visit .

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