Identifying Your Rights Through A DUI Lawyer In Mount Vernon, WA

by | Oct 14, 2014 | Legal Services

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Washington drivers are subject to two forms of license suspensions, if arrested for a DUI. First, the driver receives an immediate suspension for a period between ninety days and two years. Secondly, after a conviction, they receive a suspension up to four years. The suspensions are the result of a blood-alcohol content reading of at least 0.08 percent and any previous convictions. If you are facing these charges, you should hire a DUI Lawyer in Mount Vernon WA by contacting the Howson Law Office today.

Understanding Your Rights

Within the first twenty days after your arrest, you have the right to request a hearing to contest your initial driver’s license suspension. If you fail to file this request, your suspension is upheld by the court. The suspension starts on the 60th day after your arrest. The form to file this request is available online. This doesn’t guarantee that the court won’t suspend your license. It also doesn’t provide you with any protection against a suspension upon your conviction.

If a conviction occurs, the assigned license suspension starts forty-five days following the notification you receive of acknowledging your conviction. You receive credit for any suspension time that you completed after you were arrested initially. The court assigns restricted licenses at their own discretion. However, this assignment requires the installation of an ignition interlocking device. You pay all costs associated with the device and its placement into your vehicle.

If You Aren’t a Citizen of Washington

Drivers who receive a DUI conviction in the state of Washington that are residents of other states are subject to the laws of their home county. The courts in Washington can only suspend your privileges within the state lines. A notification of your conviction is sent to your county of residence. Your home state can suspend your license, if their laws afford them with this option.

A review of your rights determines whether or not you are subject to a license suspension or other penalties in the state of Washington. A first-time DUI can incur a revocation of driving privileges in the state as well as the driver’s home state, if possible. If you are facing a conviction, you should contact a DUI lawyer to discuss these probabilities.

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