Obscure Types Of Divorce Law in Frederick

by | Nov 2, 2017 | Attorney

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Depending on the situation, divorce can either be a heartbreaking decision or a much-needed relief. However, no matter what the emotional landscape is behind it, there are always laws which govern the process of divorce. Many of these laws are dependent upon where the married couple happens to live. Furthermore, there are some laws still on the book which are mind-bogglingly bizarre. Here are examples of Divorce Law in Frederick and other places which will make the reader go hmm.

Two In The Bush

In the city of Truro, Massachusettes, there is a law that a man needs more than a just a bird in his hand to prove he’s ready for marriage. In fact, the lucky man must kill either three crows or six blackbirds to prove his “manliness.” Any marriage in which this does not take place beforehand can actually be legally annulled. Luckily, this is not a Divorce Law in Frederick.

Keep Your Pants On

Even after a couple is legally married, it is still illegal for them to sleep naked together in a rented room. That is if the room happens to be in Salem, Massachusettes. Of course, since the cleaning methods of some motels are questionable at best, this may be a poor activity to engage in any way. Oddly enough, if the couple were to divorce, it would be perfectly acceptable for them to sleep together in the nude under rented sheets.

No Smooching Allowed

In the city of Hartford, Connecticut, don’t take your hubby or wife out for a romantic evening on Sunday and think you are going to get a smooch afterward. This is because it is still technically illegal to kiss your spouse in public on the Sabbath. That’s right, a brief display of public affection can lead to a night behind bars, although this is very unlikely to happen, it is still theoretically possible.

Don’t Invite Miss Cleo

In the city of New Orleans, officials have made it illegal to have a fortune teller or palm reader officiate any sort of wedding ceremony. No official reason has ever been given but it may be due to the fact there are many charlatans that practice these crafts which are always looking to scam the public.

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