Proving a Marketed Good is Defective with a Product Liability Attorney in Clinton Township MI

by | Mar 20, 2017 | Attorney

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A Product Liability Attorney in Clinton Township MI protects the legal rights of those who were harmed from defective goods. One of the objectives in these cases is to learn what normally happens in the manufacturing and distribution process. Then the legal team finds out what department is responsible for the mistake or defect. Irrefutable evidence of liability must be established. The best way to do this is with reliable investigative sources and a skilled product liability attorney in Clinton Township MI. A thorough medical exam helps to determine the cause of injury and how it impacts health in the short and long term.

An individual injured from defective machinery or occupational paraphernalia can file a third party lawsuit when a defectively designed product caused injury. Occupational machinery has safety standards that show it is safe for use. When an item is defective, the manufacturer is liable for injuries. In the investigating process, it should be known if the manufacturer knew the product had problems. If the manufacturer new there were defects and still put it on the market, the injured may qualify for a larger settlement. Manufacturing defects most often occur with poor workmanship or low quality materials. Makers who were aware of the problem and took no action to fix it subject themselves to serious legal issues. A lawyer makes sure the responsible party is held accountable.

Attorneys working with these case types do business on a contingency basis. Fees are not applied to the case unless the desired outcome is achieved. The failure rate of cases done with no lawyer is high. Too much is at stake to pursue a case with no legal assistance. At an initial consultation, attorneys gather and assess as much information as they can. There is often a defense claiming that something other than the suspected product caused injury. This defense strategy is usually only done to turn focus toward a different direction. This may be an effort to get a lawyer to exert more energy in disproving the claims and take time away from obtaining solid evidence. Experienced lawyers are aware of these carefully planned strategies and won’t let it be a distraction. Schedule an appointment to get started.

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