Seeking a Specialized Commercial Law Firm in New York

by | Sep 15, 2023 | Lawyers and Law Firms

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You believe that you have a unique legal problem on your hands. You are not sure what kind of firm can successfully adjudicate your case. If it is related to any of these areas of the law:

• Construction and labor law

• Product Liability

• Sports Injury cases

• Civil rights law where a government entity is being sued for a violation of the

federal constitution

• Defending against medical malpractice by healthcare providers

• Trucking and transportation issues

In such cases, it’s crucial to find a law firm with the expertise to handle these complex legal matters.

To find a firm of this type in the New York area, you should look for a commercial litigation law firm in White Plains, NY. The right firm for you will have attorneys who may have previously trained in large law practices in New York City or other metropolitan areas. You want a firm and an attorney who is experienced in practicing collaborative law. You may also prefer having an experienced partner in charge of your case. In all probability, they will head up a team with paralegals, associates, and assistants.

Another crucial factor to consider is the firm’s fee structure. If you believe that fees should align with the complexity and size of your case, seek out a firm that follows this approach.

There is a commercial litigation law firm in White Plains, NY that can and will meet your commercial law needs. The law firm you’re looking for is Schwab and Gasparini.

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