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Shatter These Myths with the Help of a Divorce Law Attorney

Those contemplating divorce have likely discussed it at length with friends, coworkers and family members. Most people have strong feelings about the process, and many people’s opinions are shaped by their own experiences. Before starting a divorce, a couple should discuss their concerns with a divorce law attorney in Green Valley AZ, as a lawyer’s advice can put minds at ease and set the record straight. Below are some of the most common myths about divorce.

50% of All Unions End Up in Divorce Court

There’s a prevailing myth that half of all marriages will fail, but the reality is that divorce rates fluctuate over time. In fact, they’ve fallen steadily since the 1970s. According to a recent analysis, about one-third of American marriages end in divorce.

It’s Important to Remain Together for the Children

Many parents are concerned that a divorce will have negative emotional effects on their children, and they may even face pressure from family members to stay together until the kids are older. This can cause people to stay in unhappy and abusive relationships, which can make everyone–including the children–miserable.

The Mother Always Gets Custody

Over the past 20 years, jurisdictions across the US have moved toward a joint parenting model. Under parental time-sharing statutes, laws state that there’s no presumption for or against either parent when modifying or creating a parenting plan.

Child Support and Visitation Are Related

Not only is this myth wholly untrue, it can get a parent in serious legal trouble. When it comes to parental visitation rights in accordance with a court order or time-sharing arrangement, the courts treat support as a separate matter.

It’s Not Possible to Obtain a Divorce If the Other Spouse Refuses to Sign Papers

Under most states’ laws, no one can be forced to stay married because the other spouse refuses to go through with the divorce. If the other person refuses to appear in court or acknowledge the process, the only option is to have a contested divorce and a default judgment.

Consult a Divorce Lawyer Today

When someone is ready to end a marriage, it’s beneficial to reach out to a divorce law attorney in Green Valley AZ for help and support, as well as legal advice. For more information click here!!

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