Some Great Information About Hiring a Personal Injury Lawyer in Boston, MA

by | Nov 12, 2015 | Attorney

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Hiring a personal injury lawyer in Boston, MA is an excellent way for people to get compensation after being injured because for some people, money is a major concern after being injured. An injury can leave a person unable to work, and when a person can’t work, debt is easy to get into. There have also been times when injured individuals have actually lost the places they were living in, because if there isn’t a significant amount of savings, paying rent or a mortgage is virtually impossible. Medical bills also have to be considered, which can easily be over $10,000 if the injuries are serious enough.

One thing that prevents some people from seeking out the help of a personal injury lawyer in Boston, MA is money: some make the mistake of believing they need to have a lot of money to hire lawyers to work for them, but with an injury case a lawyer will usually offer a free phone consultation, which allows a person to touch bases with a lawyer. After a phone consultation, a face-to-face meeting can be arranged, where more details of the case can be given. Lawyers who handle personal injury cases usually get paid by using contingency fees, meaning that a person’s lawyer usually won’t get paid unless the case is won. In some instances, clients are responsible for expenses even if the case isn’t won.

There are different ways that personal injury cases can be resolved in a plaintiff’s favor. One way is through a trial, where a jury or judge will decide if the plaintiff wins the case. Another way that a case can be settled is with a settlement, which can prevent a case from making it to a trial. Some people refuse settlement offers because they think they can get more compensation through a trial. Lawyers will offer their input about settlement offers, but it doesn’t mean that clients have to do what lawyers recommend. Of course, it usually is in a plaintiff’s interest to follow a lawyer’s advice since some plaintiffs have gambled on trials and lost. When the case is lost, there isn’t any chance of getting the settlement offer back.

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