Information on Filing for Workers Compensation in Rapid City

by | Nov 20, 2015 | Lawyers

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Unfortunately, injuries can occur on any job. When a person becomes injured on the job, they have the assurance of insurance being in place to provide them with benefits to take care of their medical bills and lost wages as they recover. Though the law requires employers to carry insurance, not all employers are compliant. Dealing with the insurance company can be difficult when filling for workers compensation in Rapid City area. Thankfully, there is a Workers Compensation attorney to help. Through the assistance of an attorney, injured people can focus on their injuries as their attorney pursues the insurance company and employer for their benefits.

An attorney will first make sure the claim has been filed correctly. It is the responsibility of the employer to file the claim with the insurance company. The insurance company has a responsibility to promptly begin working on the claim and give instruction to the injured party on what steps they need to take to provide information for the claim to be processed in a timely manner. The injured worker must see the insurance company’s doctor and may need to undergo drug and alcohol testing to ensure these did not play a role in the injury occurring. The doctor will report back and determine how severe the injuries are and when the injured worker will be able to go back to a normal level of work.

The attorney will guide the injured client in making sure all of the needed steps are taken care of.Claims can sometimes take a couple of weeks or more to be approved. Working with an attorney can often speed up this process to ensure the injured worker receives benefits as soon as possible. Should the injured person’s claim be denied, the attorney has the right to file an appeal and will continue protecting the client’s rights throughout the process. Though it may take time, hiring a lawyer can help to ensure an injured worker receives worker’s compensation benefits.Those who are filing Workers Compensation in Rapid City and are finding it difficult to work with the insurance company can find out more information by visiting This site can give people the information they need to get started on hiring an attorney and getting the legal help they need.

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