The Main Importance of Retaining an Assertive DUI Lawyer in Laconia, NH

by | Nov 28, 2023 | Law

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A drinking and driving conviction can devastate both your personal and private life. You may struggle to find a job that will hire you. You may also lose your car insurance and fail to find another insurer that will offer you a policy.

You may even end up in jail, forced to spend months or longer away from your family. However, you can fight the charge and possibly avoid a conviction when you hire counsel like an experienced DUI lawyer in Laconia, NH.

Instilling a Measure of Doubt

Your attorney’s primary job when representing you involves defending your innocence. By law, you are innocent until proven guilty. Your attorney, then, has the duty to protect your innocence and instill just enough doubt in the court’s mind about your guilt.

Your attorney may retest your urine or blood sample to show you were not actually under the influence at the time of your arrest. He or she may also call into question the integrity of your field sobriety test. Moreover, your legal team may argue you lacked any prior offense on your record and therefore do not deserve a conviction, let alone jail time, for something for which you may not be guilty.

You can find out more about the vital legal services a DUI lawyer in Laconia, NH can offer to you online. To request a consultation, you can reach out to Friedman & Bresaw, PLLC at

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