The Truck Accident Attorney in Oklahoma City Is the Attorney You Need if a Truck Has Hit You

by | Jul 19, 2014 | Lawyers

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A truck accident can be a devastating life experience. The 18 wheelers are so massive and when they are moving the force of an impact is great. A person who has been injured in a truck accident should never talk with the insurance company about anything. Never discuss your version of the accident. Trucking companies have lawyers who are experienced in depriving you of your rightful compensation.

Contact the Truck Accident Attorney in Oklahoma City immediately. He is skilled in dealing with trucking companies and their lawyers. He will get you the compensation you deserve for all medical expenses, lost wages and pain and suffering. Let him do all of the talking with the insurance company.

If you contact him immediately, he will have time to preserve any evidence that would relate to the accident and the truck. He would want to know if the truck had visible mechanical problems. He may take pictures of the truck if he has access to it, and the scene of the accident also.

Conducting a background check on the driver to determine if he has had similar problems with driving a truck, or if he has a record of DUIs will be important. A check of the accident history of the company that owns the truck would be very useful. He will interview any witnesses and the investigating police officers.

Your Truck Accident Attorney in Oklahoma City will begin to collect all of your medical records beginning with the ER. He will follow your treatment plan and continue to assess your condition. He will also be asking for your prognosis and whether you will have any lasting disability.

As soon as it is feasible, your attorney will begin discussions with the trucking company and its insurance carrier regarding a financial settlement. Your attorney will have been preparing for this with all of the documentation he has been gathering. His skill at negotiating a settlement may get it done, but trucking companies are notorious for not settling. Your attorney will then have no choice but to take the case to trial. He is an aggressive fighter which will work to your advantage. The Cain Law Office can tell you much more about trucking accidents.

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